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The Gerrie Electric Automation Group, formed in 1982, serves our clients better by offering Modern Automation Solutions supported by our Automation Specialists, Product Managers and Inside Technical Support Representatives.Your assigned Automation Specialist provides a dedicated technical resource for automation support from initial planning stages through to post-sales, helping to acheive a successful project launch.

Services / Solutions

Process Group

Gerrie Electric is proud to be a distributor and service provider for instrumentation vendors, through our numerous industry partnerships

IBE - Installed Base Evaluation

An Installed Base Evaluation™ (IBE) is a thorough analysis of a your critical plant and facility assets and their condition / performance.

Instrumentation Calibration

We specialize in the calibration of your electrical dimensional and physical instrumentation with National Standards. Using industry standards and seasoned staff to help you.

Network Service

Maintaining peak performance, while implementing security standards to keep your data and proprietary processes protected, should be your foremost concerns when evaluating your existing network.

Process Loop Tuning

Our engineers apply proven best-practices for modeling the complexities of process dynamics and tuning PID controllers for optimal performance.  

Repair Industrial And Automation

We provide products, services and solutions that enable customers in all industry segments to be more productive and efficient, while offering repair.

System Staging

The Gerrie Process Group specializes in Modern Control System design based on proven Rockwell Automation technology.

Rockwell Industrial Components

Gerrie Electric is a proud distribution partner of Rockwell Automation; which enables us to offer us a full array of industrial components.

Fiix - Modern Asset Maintenance

Gerrie's Fiix is a computerized maintenance management system that helps operations teams schedule, organize and track equipment maintenance, connect to business systems, and make data-driven decisions. The Gerrie Process Group specializes in Modern Control System design based on proven Rockwell Automation technology.

Variable Frequency Drives
We offer a wide selection of PowerFlex® AC and DC variable frequency drives that are all designed for flexibility, productivity, and ease of use. Our VFDs handle both low voltage and medium voltage applications, with a wide range of power ratings. We are here to help with all of your VFD needs


At Gerrie Electric we are committed to helping you to be successful. We understand it’s important for you to have the most up to date products for your ever changing applications.  As we move towards smarter machines, Rockwell Automation is committed to keep its products up to date with the latest available technologies, bringing you advancements in performance, flexibility and security that will help you succeed.

Service Portfolio 

From on-demand technical support needs, on-site field services, resource training, parts management, and the optimization of existing assets to maximize your existing automation investment, through to modernization and migration services to update equipment to take advantage of technology advancements and increased functionality that drive improvements in productivity to help you meet your operational performance goals.

Digital Industry Solutions

Gerrie Digital Industry Solutions help manufacturers become smarter, faster, and more efficient in what they do by using software solutions that achieve the following three business objectives: Operational Efficiency, Sustainability and Future-Ready Workforce.