Mechatronics Product Group

Reynaldo Cortez
Mechatronics Product Manager

Reynaldo Cortez Gerrie Electric

Reynaldo attended the University of Waterloo and Conestoga College where he gained a strong mechanical engineering background with a specialization in automation and robotics. He has been enthralled in industrial automation and put forth his passion in multiple engineering roles over the last 10 years. Most recently he has worked for Shelley Automation as motion control specialist and at Siemens Canada as an account manager. In order to broaden his horizons and knowledge base, he recently pursued a diploma in Data Science at Brainstation, which taught him data visualizations, modeling, machine learning, and statistical analysis of large sets of data. 

Reynaldo brings his wide-ranging experience to the role of Mechatronics Product Manager, which allows him to find exciting and unique solutions to manufacturing challenges. These applications involve the interaction of moving machinery, taking in consideration: safety, control, performance and customer satisfaction. Reynaldo is eager to help you from concept to solution for your motion applications.