Environmental Handling Fees

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About Environmental Handling Fees

To All Gerrie Customers:

Gerrie has agreed to collect and submit the Ontario regulated Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) for Lamps sold to end users on behalf of the “Participating Producers” (lamp Manufacturers) we represent and the products identified in the Product Care document posted. These fees will show as a separate line item on our packing slips and invoices for each unique item purchased or quoted. The fee's collected and submitted are defined by Product Care. Refer to the documents posted for individual fees for each product sold. Please note that HST will be applicable on any EHF charged and will be included in the total HST value shown on the invoice. Purchase orders issued to Gerrie must include the EHF as a separate line item and the EHF must be included in the total PO amount.

Please contact [email protected] for any additional questions.



Questions Regarding the Environmental Handling Fees? Contact Gerrie.