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Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions wants you to have more time to focus on your business strategies rather than exhausting your time and resources on managing your supply chain issues.
Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions helps you get back to the core business of your company and so you can focus on what is important; allowing you to go above and beyond for customers and grow your business.


Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions will assist your company with the latest inventory management techniques that best suit your operational needs to reduce inventory costs and increase inventory turns. This will always allow you to have access to invaluable items.


Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions uses the Total Cost of Ownership methodologies to calculate potential cost savings in the following areas:

• Processes (reduce ordering, invoicing, and labour costs)
• Asset management (reduce inventory, shrinkage, and waste)
• Expenditures (reduce material costs, carrying costs, freight as well as energy costs)
• Revenues (reduce downtime, stock-outs, andincrease production)


Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions supports Canadian and Global National Accounts directly through our own resources with total cost reduction supply programs and solutions.

Gerrie Electric is also a proud owner and member of SupplyForce and locally supports SupplyForce with North American agreements by providing electrical products, services, and solutions to top industrial customers.


Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions can help you manage overwhelming situations that arise when dealing with your supply chain by offering the following Fulfillment services, including but not limited to:

• Submission of daily quotations
• Order entry for projects and/or web quotations
• Entering invoices into the customer's system


Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions offers comprehensive e-Procurement services that enables your company to increase efficiency and productivity while decreasing transactional costs, duplication of efforts, and reducing human error by providing electronic purchasing options.


Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions encompasses a plan of actions including but not limited to:

• Identification of products through inventory audits
• Re-organizing of your inventory based on movement for efficiency
• Printing and applying labels with the minimum and / or maximum levels and customer part numbers
• Determining the storage system requirements, for example: bins, drawers, shelves, and vending machines
• Monitoring changes as required for new and used products, and quantities
• Working with you to determine a replenishment schedule


Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions provides an On-site Project Container Program that can be customized to your specific requirements. This allows you to have easier access to an array of products to fit your company's needs from our trusted Business Partners.


For over 18 years, we have had tremendous success implementing best practices by operating VMI programs. Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions will help you reduce redundancies by standardizing products with our Program Specialists to help you streamline your maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) commodities. We will reduce your inventory and procurement costs while maintaining an inventory better suited to the maintenance and/or production demands resulting in zero downtime.

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