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Gerrie is positioned to offer you a customized supply solution based on your needs.
We have been doing it for over 18 years very successfully!

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Manage office supply and customer owned assets like thermal imagers, gloves and tools. Track who has what and send alerts when material has to be returned.


Use the Gerrie SRX Labels and Buttons to manage inventory in existing cabinet and drawers as either CMI, VMI or a combination of both.

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Full traceability of your entire storeroom. Our agnostic RFID solution lets customers use the same RFID reader to track inventory usage and reorder for multiple warehouses.

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Our agnostic Locker solution is great to maximize the space in a vending machine. The customer can assign doors to a specific supplier and even manage their own inventory.

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Gerrie SRX Labels and Buttons are great for quick reordering. Use the Gerrie SRX Cellular Buttons anywhere a cell phone would work for one click ordering.

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Manage free vend inventory with a CMI, VMI or combination of both. Products will be added to the customer’s reorder list when scanned with our smart phone Gerrie SRX app.

More About SRX Equipment

Storeroom Logix equipment supplements SRX software to provide a complete and customizable Inventory Management solution.

Order Buttons
Instant replenishment at the click of a button

Scan on and off line for time savings and accuracy

Vending Machines
Reduce usage and shrinkage

Control access and trace usage

Automate inventory usage, levels, and replenishment

"Let Gerrie Build a Solution For You"

Cloud-based inventory software and equipment built for visibility for traditional scanning technology to automate and control multiple touch points for Storerooms and VMI solutions.;

Gerrie Software

Storeroom Logix software (SRX) is a 100% cloud-based solution

Gerrie’s Storeroom Solution is powered by Storeroom Logix cloud-based, SaaS platform providing turnkey Supply Chain and Inventory Management solutions. Our cloud based platform with over 270 software features, supplemented with a connected equipment package, SRX provides a game changing Inventory Management solution. As your Key Supplier Partner in Electrical MRO, Gerrie will contribute to this worthy statement by helping you achieve higher levels of performance, all for the purpose of creating not only a quality experience for your facilities, but also improving financial results.
Gerrie Equipment

Gerrie's equipment connects seamlessly to SRX software

Standardize your storeroom hardware using RFID Tower, Vending Machine and Locker. Gerrie’s equipment supplements SRX software to provide a complete and customizable Inventory Management solution. Reduce consumption, shrinkage, and downtime by controlling who, what, when and where. Our software runs our equipment – all connected in the cloud. Automatic on-hand inventory adjustments and replenishment requests.







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