On-Site Project Container Program

Gerrie Supply Chain Solutions provides an On-Site Project Container Program that can be customized to your specific requirements. This allows you to have easier access to an array of products to fit your company's needs from our trusted Business Partners. We help you to reduce redundancies by streamlining your MRO commodities:

Why On-Site Access to Material?
  • Reduce lost man-hours having to go off-site to pick up product
  • Reduce downtime/activity because of lack of materials
  • Save on fuel costs not sending trucks out for pickups
  • Reduce material costs through preferred pricing programs
  • Increase inventory control though GSCS VMI's
  • Consolidation of Purchasing
  • Facilitate time management for crews
  • Improve construction evolution from phase to phase through advanced material planning and stocking strategies
  • On-going material reconciliation eliminates costly surplus
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