Soft Starters – Open & Enclosed

Soft Starters – Open & Enclosed

ABB softstarter secures motor reliability, improves installation efficiency and increases application productivity. It also increases motors lifetime by protecting it from electrical stress, reduces installation time and panel size by having all features you need built into the softstarter.

PSR Soft Starters – Open type

PSR is the most compact softstarter with basic features and values. PSR can handle up to 100 starts per hour and is suitable for small motors.

psr soft starters
psr soft starters
PSE Soft Starters – Open type

PSE is a general purpose softstarter. It is a perfect balance between high starting capacity and cost efficiency with the built-in fieldbus communication feature.

PSTX Soft Starters – Open type

PSTX is the most complete alternative for any motor starting application. Featuring built-in Modbus and supports all major communication protocol.

PSTX Soft Starter – Enclosed type

ABB offers an enclosed softstarter solution with PSTX softstarter base unit, certified enclosure and a choice of electrical protection from Fused Disconnects to Molded case Circuit Breaker based on short circuit coordination needs.

ABB enclosed softstarter offers Standard equipment package with door mounted keypad, pushbuttons, pilot lights and many other features.

ABB enclosed softstarter with Full external bypass equipment package features Emergency bypass, E-bypass pushbutton, selector switch & pilot lights and many other features.