Electronics Products & Relays (Relays, Power Supplies, Timers, …)

Electronics Products & Relays (Relays, Power Supplies, Timers, …)

ABB offers a wide range of electronic products and relays like time relays, monitoring relays, pluggable interface relays and optocouplers, boxed interface relays, limit switches, power supplies, timers and many more. 

The time relay range offers multiple single-functional and multi-functional timing functions like ON-delay, OFF-delay, impulse-ON, impulse-OFF and many more. ABB pluggable interface relays offers relays assembled on socket, pluggable PCB relays, pluggable miniature relays, pluggable universal relays, boxed relays with different coil voltages and output contacts. 

ABB power supplies offers different ranges to cover every application requirement. The power supplies are available in input voltage 100-240V AC and 90-375V DC with output voltage from 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V DC and rated output current starting from 0.42Amps to 40Amps for single phase. 

Three phase power supplies are available in 400-500V AC and 480-820V DC with output voltage 24V DC, 48V DC and output current from 5Amps to 40Amps. 

CP-E: Economy range
CP-T: Three phase range
CP-S.1: High-efficiency range
CP-C.1: High-performance range
CP-B: Short time buffers
CP-D: Distribution panel design suitable for building applications