Disconnect Switches (Fusible, Non-fusible & Enclosed)

Disconnect Switches (Fusible, Non-fusible & Enclosed)
Fusible Disconnects 

Switch fuses by ABB have been designed to deliver world-class performance in even the most extreme conditions. The extensive range of reliable switch fuses, both manual and motorized, is ensured to have application needs covered.

OS switch fuses are ideal for demanding applications where continuity of operations is vital even in case of a fault. ABB offers manually operated switched fuses from 20 to 1250 Amps available for all type of fuses along with various accessories related to it like direct mount handles, pistol handles, shafts, terminal lug kit and many more.  

fusible disconnect
Non-Fusible Disconnects 

ABB offers switch-disconnectors suitable for a wide range of demanding applications ranging from machinery, power distribution, switchboards, motor control centers or photovoltaic installations. They have been designed to be compact and reliable, offering high performance in even the most demanding environments.

ABB offers a market-leading product portfolio of switch-disconnectors ranging from 16 to 160 Amps with related accessories.

Manual switch-disconnectors by ABB are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications in power distribution or motor control centers. ABB manual switch-disconnectors ranges from 160 to 4000 Amps and offers accessories like hanldes, shafts, aux. contacts, terminal shrouds, terminal clamps, locking accessories, interlocks and many more.

ABB also offers a complete range of enclosed switch-disconnectors in various enclosure materials like plastic, steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminium and many more in different pole configuration and protection.

Non-fusible disconnects