Storeroom Logix Hardware Products

SRX Reorder Buttons

Think about the number of times a week you check a bin, just to confirm there is still product in the bin. What if you could eliminate the entire bin stocking process. Storeroom Logix Reorder buttons allow your end-users, the people who use the product, to tell you when they need more.

Have remote inventory or area where users are not permitted to walk around the plant? No problem, that's what the buttons are for. SRX reorder buttons are good for up to 2,000 clicks. If you click it every day, that's 5 1/2 years.

SRX RFID Solutions

Storeroom Logix RFID solution is a fast, reliable, and fully managed inventory platform that makes it easy to tag inventory and transact product usage. The core of solution is the purpose-built, high- performance RFID Tower optimized for reading SRX RFID tags as they are being added, issued, or returned to the inventory area. With SRX RFID, users can view real-time usage data, see on-hand inventory, or perform full inventory audits in minutes.

SRX RFID software and hardware can also be configured by a customer to work with multiple distributor’s tags providing a fully managed inventory solution for an entire storeroom.

rfid portal
smart locker
SRX Lockers

Storeroom Logix Lockers lets you store critical spares, assets and other inventory in a secure location, anywhere.  SRX Lockers offers full control and transparency of your inventory, so you can control access to products or require user input during the checkout process.

Our lockers can be configured on-site, with or without weight sensors. The weight sensor technology allows users to setup multiple SKUs in each locker and track exactly what is being issued during every transaction.

SRX lockers are distributor agnostic, so customers can grant locker door access to different distributors, optimizing the space within each locker.


  • Optional Weighted Bin System
  • Easy on-site configuration
  • Pick to light
  • Run Off-line mode
  • No daisy chaining necessary
  • Customer can assign doors to different distrubtors
  • Customers can create Assets and Tools