Dynamix 1444 Integrated Condition Monitoring System

Our Dynamix™ 1444 Integrated Condition Monitoring system helps you monitor and protect the machines in your Integrated Architecture. Dynamix 1444 can be applied to any rotating or reciprocating machine in your facility, while configured to monitor each machine uniquely and provide the most meaningful information. This system can provide data for many different applications - to protect or to monitor an asset, to improve or deliver quality objectives, or to enable a condition-based maintenance or a predictive maintenance program.


  • Provides machinery protection and condition monitoring of rotating and reciprocating assets
  • Offers Distributed I/O on Ethernet/IP saving installation time and wiring
  • Offers easy integration and setup in Studio 5000 Logix Designer®
  • Rrugged, conformally coated and approved for electrical safety and hazardous areas
  • Offers expansion modules for additional capabilities
  • Leveraging the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture and its components such as controllers, HMIs, IO, sensors, etc., users will experience an enhanced level of integration, functionality and performance

Dynamix 1444 Application Guide Instructions

Watch this video to learn how to use this application guide to help implement monitoring solutions based on smart machine concepts.

Emonitor Condition Monitoring Software

Our Bulletin 9309 Emonitor® Condition Monitoring Software works with our monitors and portable data collectors to help establish and execute a condition-based predictive maintenance program. Emonitor software provides you with a comprehensive suite of tools for long-term trending, plotting and alarming capabilities to detect the earliest possible indicators of developing machine faults.


  •  Provides ability to schedule automated data collection from any number of 1444 series or 1440 series monitors or machines
  •  Supports Dynamix 2500 and Enpac 2500 Data Collectors
  •  Allows the ability to import/export data from any OPC server
  •  Support tools for alarming and fault frequency identification
  •  Offers completely customizable, pre-configured plot views
  •  Provides easy report generation

Emonitor Learning Videos

Use this video series to understand how to get the most from your Emonitor software. Learn how to navigate the Emonitor interface and deep dive into all of the capabilities this software can put at your fingertips. 


Our Bulletin 1443 Series Accelerometer sensors are used to measure vibration on industrial machinery.


  • Provides low frequency starting at 0.2 Hz (12 cpm) and high frequency up to 26 kHz (1560 kcpm)
  • Offers top and side exit connections
  • Includes integral cables for wet or excessively dirty environments
  • Includes cables with shields that are grounded to the case for non-standard ground solutions
  • Includes metric and imperial mounting studs
  • Offers cables and connectors for customer wiring solutions
  • Provides mounting accessories for any surface

Eddy Current Probe Systems

Our Bulletin 1442 Eddy Current Probe Systems include a linear range of 0.25...29 mm (9.8...1142 mils). They are suited for shaft vibration, phase/speed reference, and rotor/thrust position measurements.


  • Suitable for vibration, speed/acceleration, rotor/position, and differential expansion measurements
  • Offers non-contact pick-up probe, extension cable, and driver system
  • Fully API-670 compliant
  • Offers sensor tip diameters from 5...50 mm (0.20...1.97 in.)
  • Includes linear ranges from tip from 0.25...29 mm (9.8...1142 mils)
  • Offers frequency response from DC to 10 Hz (-3 dB)
  • Includes color-coding to assure appropriately matched probes, extension cables, and drivers

1441 Dynamix 2500 Portable Data Collectors 

Our Bulletin 1441 Dynamix™ 2500 portable data collectors can measure, process, display, and store a variety of analysis functions. They can support your predictive maintenance efforts and provide key machinery vibration diagnostics.


  • Offers Mil 810 spec drop rating and IP65 sealing (dustproof and waterproof)
  • Operates in -10…50 °C (14…122 °F) temperature ranges
  • Includes sunlight-visible color LCD
  • Provides 128 MB internal memory
  • Supports Secure Digital (SD) cards up to 16 GB
  • Works with Emonitor® predictive maintenance analysis software
  • Includes data collector, battery, global power supply, communication cable splitter, hand strap, dust cap set, transit case, rubber bump sleeve, and operating system CD