Why Gerrie Services?
Tailored Services Can Address Your Unique Needs, Anytime and Anywhere

In today’s world there is a constant need to meet the increasing demand for improvement in operational and financial performance.

To this end in addition to delivering innovative and high performance automation solutions we are able to provide you with a host of individual or integrated services and support programs needed to help you meet the challenges you face every day.


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Service Portfolio

Product and Application Lifecycle Support
Flexible services scaled to your requirements using our  product and application programs

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Workforce Support and Training
Escalating Value. Empowering Your People. Increase Operational Performance across your compoany

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People and Asset Safety Services
Comply with Standards, Reduce Risk and Optimize Your Production

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Information Infrastructure and Security Services

Connectivity and information have become vital to success and companies today are challenged to integrate new technologies, improve reliability and speed of networks while maintaining up-to-date protection against cyber and physical attacks.

In addition, being able to access raw production data and turn it into information to drive decisions while gaining a better understanding of operations, workflows, asset utilization and collaboration is important.

Through our service programs we can help to build a modern, secure and reliable information infrastructure to connect assets with people and information to improve operational performance.
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Services to Develop, Manage and Drive Infrastructure Performance

Asset Mangement

Data-Driven Services to Improve Operational and Financial Performance

Asset and Plant Optimization

Many companies are faced with the challenges of aging, obsolete or unsupportable systems, high maintenance and MRO costs, increasing inventory complexity or underperforming and unreliable assets.

An effective asset management strategy can help improve equipment availability, reduce your maintenance, repair and operational spend and an asset management program can help you get the most out of your operations, proactively addressing downtime issues and managing risks.

Our asset and plant optimization services can help you proactively manage your challenges allowing you to focus your efforts on optimizing the operational and financial performance of your assets.

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