Safety Components

safety encoder
843ES Safety Encoder

Our EtherNet/IP™ Absolute Encoders are designed with an embedded EtherNet/IP switch and dual Ethernet ports to support linear networks and Device Level Ring topologies. By providing auxiliary feedback directly through an EtherNet/IP network, these encoders eliminate the need for point-to-point wiring. These encoders are designed for high performance and reliability in harsh industrial environments. Our encoder offerings include models that brings in the encoder as a feedback only axis for machine applications using integrated motion on EtherNet/IP. We also offer models designed for safety applications that require speed, direction, or position monitoring safety functions uce downtime.


MSR55P Safety Rated Stop Motion Relay
MSR55P Safety Rated Stop Motion Relay

Our MSR57P Speed Monitoring Safety Relays are designed for motion applications that require interaction by personnel during operation. Our MSR55P Speed Monitoring Safety Relays are used for standstill detection on single and three phase motors without the need for sensors.