Spectrum Control

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Spectrum Controls' analog and discrete I/O, communication gateways, and InView Industrial Marquee Displays serve all markets Our Universal and Isolated Analog, Analog with HART and High Density modules are differentiated by the shear breadth of coverage (I/O on 10 different Rockwell Automation platforms) for customers installing Allen Bradley® systems in every application imaginable


Isolated Analog, Analog with HART, and High-Density I/O products are just some offerings for 1734 Point I/Oth, 1756 ControlLogix I/O, 1994 FLEX I/O, 1762 MicroLogix I/O, 1769 Compact I/Oth, Mirco800 Expansion and Plug-in I/O, and 1746 SLC 500 I/O.

Universal, Isolated and HART I/O
  • Saves cost and space
  • Maximize system performance
  • Conformal coating available
InView Displays

Rugged LED technology with easy integration to Rockwell Automtion Controllers. Display productivity, status, or alarm conditions from anywhere on the factory floor. Visible up to 450 feet away in real time. Supports Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP & EtherNet TCP/IP. Industrial grade enclosures, built for tough environments.

Insanely Easy to Program
  • Vastly superior viewing angle
  • Dynamic messaging
  • Long term durability 
Comms Gateways

Our Universal Gateway reads and writes data between multiple devices, with different protocols, and port to any port simultaneously. No programming software, no I/O tree changes and no ladder logic to prgram makes the Universal Industrial Gateway the easiest to use solution on the market.

Bridge Communication Gaps
  • 12 Bulit-in protocols
  • 6 Ports: ethernet and serial
  • Browser-based configuration

For more information contact Nirav Upadhyay [email protected] or your Gerrie Account Manager.