People and Asset Safety Services

Comply with Standards. Reduce Risk. Optimize Production

Safety no longer needs to be a burden on productivity or a mere cost of doing business. Instead, bolstered by the emergence of seamless connectivity and modern control technologies, it can be a powerful tool that benefits workers, operations and the bottom line.

Our People and Asset Safety Services meet these needs. We can help protect employees and comply with the latest standards, and we can work to find ways to improve safety and reduce risk while optimizing worker and asset productivity

Our safety services address hazardous-energy control, electrical safety and machine safety. These offerings can help protect your safety investments and ongoing program integrity:

  • Hazardous energy control services

Provided you with Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) solutions in a variety of environments to help you manage people safety without compromising productivity.

  • Electrical safety services

Help you proactively plan for routine maintenance and identify and mitigate potential conditions that could lead to electrical arc flash and blast

  • Machine safety services

Are focused on addressing the needs across the entire functional safety lifecycle helping you access risks, achieve compliance, and improve productivity

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