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A simpler way to create, complete, and track work orders

Stop struggling with paper work orders. Fiix’s AI-powered work order software makes it easier to submit and respond to requests, keep your records in one place, and automatically analyze 1000s of work orders.

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work order management
Craft the perfect work order

Stop work from falling through the cracks and help your team find, understand, and get started on tasks with fewer headaches.

Make it easy to submit work requests

Design your own work request form through the work request portal and allow users and guests to search, sort, and track requests on mobile or desktop.

Set up work orders that help you pass audits

Add inspection-type tasks to work orders, automate follow-up activities if the inspection fails, and link everything back to the original work order.

Import work order information in a few clicks

Easily upload and edit multiple work orders from a CSV file with greater accuracy so you don’t have to spend hours updating each task

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Run your maintenance like clockwork

Create schedules you can stick to, reduce unexpected repairs, and make the most of your resources.

run your reports

Schedule and streamline your workflows

Schedule maintenance using date, time, meter, or event-based triggers. Roll several scheduled work orders into one with nested PMs and indicate extra tasks to perform at certain cadences.

Standardize work with a library of templates and resources

Create a library of checklists, standard procedures, manuals, diagrams, and more for tasks and task groups.

Know exactly what’s happening and when it’s happening

Get a full view of your team’s workload, drag and drop tasks into their schedules, and assign individuals or user groups to an asset or task. Alert staff by email or mobile notification when you trigger a work order that belongs to them.

Automatically trigger work orders based on asset condition

Trigger maintenance based on the real-time condition of equipment using integrated sensors. Conditions include vibration, temperature, pressure, and more.

Take your work orders mobile

Manage maintenance on the go and work uninterrupted with the Fiix mobile app.

Access work orders without an internet connection

See and update all work order details even when your internet connection is spotty or nonexistent. Any updates you make are synced as soon as you are back online.

Send push notifications to mobile devices

Send a push notification to a user’s mobile device when a task in a work order is assigned to them. The assigned users will also receive an email notification for the task.

Pull up work orders in a snap

Add images to work orders and asset records from your camera or image gallery. Flag issues, prepare for audits, and make clearer notes without breaking a sweat.

Attach photos to a work order straight from your mobile device

Add images to work orders and asset records from your camera or image gallery. Flag issues, prepare for audits, and make clearer notes without breaking a sweat.

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