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A pain-free way to purchase, organize, and use inventory

Take full control of your storeroom so you can get the right parts, at the right time, for the right price with Fiix’s parts and inventory management features.

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Purchase inventory with confidence

Simplify the way you purchase spare parts without sacrificing quality or overpaying vendors.

Set minimum stock quantities

Create minimum quantities for spare parts and get an alert when your supplies fall below that threshold. Never get caught without a critical spare when time is short.

Simplify your purchasing process

Easily submit, approve, and send purchase requests, POs, RFQs, and RFPs to vendors via email. Record the status and details of all purchases in one centralized database.

Share information between your CMMS and ERP

Automatically add and update inventory receipts, stock levels, new spare parts, and purchase orders in your company’s ERP from work orders and cycle counts.

Record vendor information in one place

Store vendor contracts, rate sheets, warranties, and certificates of insurance in a central database. Group vendors by trade and add notes about preferred and non-preferred vendors.

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Organize and use inventory

Create a stockroom that helps your maintenance team instead of holding it back.

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Make sure inventory levels are accurate

Optimize inventory levels by performing cyclecounts. Log stock levels, who completed the count, and when the count happenedso you can be sure a part is there when you reach for it.

Find the right part in seconds

Scan QR codes with your mobile device to instantly find a bill of materials for work orders, as well as where to find the parts, and to check spares out of the storeroom.

Share spare parts across facilities

View inventory at different sites and request parts from other facilities so you don’t have to pay a cringe-worthy amount of money to a vendor for rush shipping.

Take the guesswork out of repairs

Create a bill of materials that can be accessed on a mobile device in a few taps. Build a list of parts and attach it to an asset so technicians know exactly what’s needed to get the job done.

Inventory tracking and reporting

Track inventory levels, costs, and usage to make data-driven decisions quickly.

Get information about parts and get it fast

Search for parts and supplies by type, make, model, cost, location, and more. Link receipts to assets and work orders to calculate how much you’re spending on inventory.

Streamline cost tracking with FIFO

Make sure the first part you purchase is the first part used in work orders with the first-in, first-out feature. Track costs accurately and say goodbye to obsolete stock.

Create and automate in-depth reports on parts and supplies

Choose from over 100 templated reports or build customized reports. Have them automatically sent to your inbox on a regular basis.

Forecast the parts you’ll need for future work

Fiix Foresight’s parts optimizer tool analyzes historical data to tell you what parts to order, how much to order, and when so you can reduce stockouts and budget tied up in the storeroom.

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