FactoryTalk Analytics

FactoryTalk® Analytics™ provides industrial manufacturing practitioners with a complete spectrum of descriptive to prescriptive analytics solutions for achieving business outcomes such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvement, downtime reduction, and quality or process improvement.

Customers benefit from a full-service customer journey—from setting up a solid industrial data management foundation to single-pane-of-glass views of operations; collaborative data mashups to building and deploying self-service machine learning or analytical models at the controller, edge or in the cloud. With visual tools, the ability to put data science in the hands of domain experts, and innovative analytical templates to drive proven results, the entire machine learning workflow is supported from data to value for addressing predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and model process control use cases.

FactoryTalk Analytics also integrates seamlessly with the InnovationSuite Augmented Reality and MES solutions to bring actionable insights to the shop floor and optimize the supply chain operations at the enterprise level.

Drive Real Business Outcomes to Succeed

Asset Performance Monitoring

Asset Performance Monitoring

No matter your industry, it's crucial to continuously improve the visibility of the utilization of your high-capex plant assets as they are one of your biggest investments. Our robust analytics solutions help monitor and track asset performance KPIs (downtime, waste, production counts, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)) in an intelligent and real-time manner. The performance monitoring insights help drive improvements in utilization, reliability and system efficiency—while extending equipment longevity.

quality control

Quality Control

Undetected quality issues in high-speed production scenarios affect your brand when the product hits the shelves, but it doesn't have to be like that. In addition, high scrap wastage or energy usage often creates quality compliance issues in the plant operations. By automatically gathering detailed OT data context at the edge, identifying the root cause of a quality issue is a lot easier at the source itself. You can also address energy efficiency and scrap reduction requirements in the production process—at scale.


Yield Optimization

Industrial manufacturers must strike a fine balance between speed and yield to maximize throughput. To achieve this, they need a highly- responsive, automated system to control their manufacturing processes. Prescriptive edge analytics can help by applying corrective insights to the control layer in low-latency environments, so that you can respond to changes quickly. The insights can also be integrated with production and business management systems to help increase production rates.

The Rockwell Automation Difference

Superior Quality Insights

Generate higher-quality insights with FactoryTalk Smart Object™ that automatically populates critical OT context into a common IT/OT information model

Data Scientist In-a-box

Empower engineers or OT practitioners to build and execute sophisticated ML models in multiple plant locations with existing expertise

Apply Insights @ Edge

Apply real-time prescriptive insights a the plant floor via extended reality integration and tight controller-level feedback loop

MES Integration

Optimize manufacturing supply chain by applying enterprise-wide operational insights to MES/MOM systems

Designed for Users


Engineers and OT practitioners can leverage data-scientist-in-a-box solutions at device, line or plant level—without learning new skills. They can generate superior operational insights by controlling the structure and frequency of contextual OT data gathered. Insights can be consumed via HMIs or AR/VR and applied to Rockwell Automation or third-party controllers.

Data Scientists

Instead of spending cycles on gathering quality data, data scientists and IT analysts can finally be in control of building the right ML models with open-stack platforms, manage model lifecycle end-to-end, and have the flexibility to deploy them at edge or cloud—uncovering game-changing enterprise insights.

Plant Managers

With FactoryTalk Analytics on their side, plant managers can be assured that resource allocation and utilization are optimized at the shop floor—along with asset longevity, product quality, and scrap wastage—so that the plant is consistently achieving higher performance at all levels.


Executives can stay on top of business performance across plants, regions and at the enterprise level to achieve higher profitability, strong competitiveness, and market leadership. By accelerating IT/OT convergence, they can compare performance benchmarks across plants and bring the intelligent enterprise to life.

Explore the Products in Our Analytics Platform

Unlock Enterprise-level Insights from Your Industrial Data

FactoryTalk Edge Gateway™ is an industrial edge gateway solution that accelerates IT/OT convergence by aggregating data from heterogenous industrial sources and control or automation systems, automatically discovers contextualized OT data at high-speeds, and packages it in a common IT/OT information model that control engineers can configure.

Turn Industrial Data Into Meaningful Insights for OT Personnel

FactoryTalk Analytics DataView increases visibility into line, shop floor, plant and enterprise performance. OT professional can pull data of interest from virtually any source—programmable or distributed control systems, historians, MES, enterprise applications—in their operations, add context, mash up data sets, and quickly generate actionable information via storyboards.

Improve OEE with Self-service and Customizable Reports

FactoryTalk Metrics is an OEE solution for efficiency monitoring and analysis of plant equipment. It analyzes critical equipment data to reveal new ways to increase production, reduce costs, and increase quality using existing resources. Beyond high-level KPIs, it answers the "why" to uncover and quantify the actual causes of downtime.

Enable OT Personnel with Out-of-the-box AI for Anomaly Detection and Soft Sensors

FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI® enables operators and technicians to leverage automated machine learning on Rockwell Automation devices in low-latency environments—without learning ML skills. The data-scientist-in-a-box solution is embedded in an edge controller and automatically builds or maintains physics-based machine learning models to detect anomalies in real-time using soft sensors.

Empower OT Personnel to Leverage Machine Learning in Low-latency Edge Environments

FactoryTalk Analytics Edge ML enables OT professional to leverage ML models and data pipelines on the industrial edge—while taking advantage of their manufacturing expertise. They can continuously improve operations by deploying models that detect anomalies via event-based controller feedback—all on low-footprint hardware and at low latencies.

Optimize Manufacturing Processes to Maximize Plant Yield, Improve Quality, and Minimize Risk

Rockwell Automation Pavilion8® Model Predictive Control (MPC) is an intelligence layer on top of automation systems that continuously help plants achieve cost reductions, decreased emissions, consistent quality and production increases—using accurate, highest fidelity process models.

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