Virtualization with Gerrie Automation Group

Are you losing production time to failed computer hardware? Have legacy software that cannot be run on today's operating systems? Spending too much time maintaining computer hardware? Virtualization can break the link between the operating system and physical hardware. This allows you to grow and change your system from a central location without worrying about the maintence of multiple computers. From single server, fault tolerant servers to full industrial data centres - Let the Gerrie Automation Group show you the fully scalable virtual solutions we offer.

Rockwell Automation Industrial Data Servers

Our Data Centres are designed for industrial use with technology from our top IT partners Cisco, Panduit emc2 and vmware. We ship them pre-assembled and pre-configured to save time and money during commissioning.

Stratus Servers

The Stratus FTServer family of systems deliver afforadable, continuous availability and comprehensive data protection on a high performance industry standard platform.