The Gerrie Process Group specializes in Modern Control System design based on proven Rockwell Automation technology. Traditional control system infrastructures no longer meet the business needs in today's information enabled world.

Our system designs leverage the latest in technology such as:

Featured Services

Data Centre Sizing, Supply and Configuration

  • As a pre-engineered solution, the Industrial Data Center is designed to ease the transition to a virtualized environment for your business, saving you time and money. Instead of ordering five different pieces of equipment with five purchase orders, in addition to hiring the correct certified installation professionals to get you up and running, the Industrial Data Center combines equipment from industry leaders that are pre-configured specifically for the manufacturing and production industries. All equipment is shipped pre-assembled and a Rockwell Automation professional will come to your site and commission the system

Thin Client Deployment

  • Removing PC's from the plant floor and moving to thin clients can lower your total cost of ownership on assets within your facilities. This is accomplished by reducing the number of operating systems and centrally managing devices from one server. Our service can help customers migrate there traditional PC based control system as well as new control systems to Thin Client technology ranging from simple to complex deployments. The hardware and software can be setup and configured ahead of time in our staging area which will lower the risk when deploying the system on site.  

Proof of Concept and Communication Testing

  • Most migration project involve interfacing and communicating with old existing hardware.  Our team can help customer reduce risk on migration projects by developing and testing proof of concept strategies in our staging area.

Complete Control System Staging

  • Our goal is to provide our  customers with a complete Rockwell Automation control ready to program.  Our experienced fully trained staff will setup and pre-configure control systems large or small  based on the latest Rockwell Automation recommendations.  Our service includes, firmware flashing and compatibility testing, network setups, Ethernet switch configuration , Server and PC setup with software installation, basic system diagnostics and alarming, HMI and controller templates utilizing Rockwell’s diagnostics faceplates.

Virtualization Deployment 

  • Reduce the number of servers and PC’s to run your plant floor as well as make your system easier to maintain is a major benefit to adapting a virtualized environment.  The experienced team at Gerrie Electric can help you get started implementing a virtualized platform, our services include creating images with required Rockwell software, testing of your virtualized platform on our own Data Center and assistance with deploying them in the field.

Hosting of SAT (Site Acceptance Test ) and FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)

  • Gerrie Electric has staging areas the are designed to host control systems.  The staging areas have a complete network infrastructure along with access to Data centers and stations to power 240V/600V equipment.  Secure access can be given to the staging area on off hours so your team can continue programming and testing to meet your project deadlines.