Vendor Notices

Chubb EdwardsMarch, 2014Operational nonconformance with their 500 series detectors
Contrast LightingAugust, 2005Installer liability resulting in mixed vendor installations
Dahua TechnologyAugust, 2019Security Advisory VideoTalk function of some Dahua products have security risks
Eaton's Cooper LightingApril, 2012Voluntary Recall for specific All-Pro shower light trim models
Eaton's Cooper WiringJanuary, 2015Recall on Motor Control Switch Family
FlukeOctober, 2019Lens coating issue on some accessories purchased between March 27, 2019 and December 31, 2019 - degradation in high humidity.
FlukeApril, 2012Product Recall Notice on ScopeMeter®100MHz and 200MHz 4 Channel Hand Held Oscilloscopes
FlukeJanuary, 2013Voluntary Recall for Certain Fluke 373, 374, 375 and 376 Digital Clamp Meters Francais
Grace Engineered ProductsFebruary, 2012Product Recall Notice on ChekVolt non-contact voltage portals sold in mid to late 2011
IDEALAugust, 2012Solenoid Test Leads Manufactured in August 2012
Kidde CanadaSeptember, 2014AC/DC Powered Residential Combination Smoke/Co Alarm
Lithonia LightingJune 2014Quantum® ELM and ELM2 Fixtures with Rev B or Rev C circuit boards
Lithonia LightingAugust, 2005Voluntary Recall of Indoor HID Acrylic Light Fixtures
Ouellet CanadaMarch, 2019Portable and permanent heating appliances recalled due to fire hazard
Ouellet CanadaMarch, 2019Heating elements can produce electrical arc
Rockwell AutomationOctober, 2014Motor Protection Circuit Breaker & Motor Circuit Protector
Rockwell AutomationMarch, 2014PowerFlex 525 AC Drives, ONLY catalog numbers 25B-D2P3N104 and 25B-D6P0N104
Schneider ElectricSeptember, 2002Telemecanique 30/60/100/200 Amp Class D10 Disconnect Switches Manufactured between January 1, 2000 and May 23, 2001
Schneider ElectricNovember, 199860 & 100 Ampere F-Series Safety Switches, 30/60/100A T-Series Disconnect Switches in Pump Controls, 8538 Combination Starters, 9422 Switch Kits
Schneider ElectricAugust, 2004Telemecanique 22mm XB4/5 Emergency Stop Push Button Operators Manufactured between November 1998 and May 2001
Schneider ElectricAugust, 2004Field modification of QMQB panelboard 400A and 800A connector mounting kits installed in Federal Pioneer QMQB panelboards, switchboards and low voltage switchgear assemblied manufactured prior to January 1, 1992
SiemensMarch, 2003Installer Liability Resulting From Mixed Vendor Installations
SiemensSeptember, 2010Product Recall for plug-in type QP circuit breakers and X-Press Pack loadcentres
SiemensJune, 2010Product Safety Notice for Circuit Breaker Handle and Lubricant Replacement Package
SiemensSeptember, 2009Potential Safety Issue with switch boards containing the cabled fire pump option
StelproMarch, 2019Construction Heater Preventative Recall
StelproMarch, 2019Hand Dryer Service / Recall Notice
StelproDecember, 2009Safety Alert PCH48T and PCH4800T Construction Heater
StanproMay, 2011Product recall on EXIT, SORTIE and Bilingual signs
SylvaniaApril, 2003Osram 8W LED Lamps