Rockwell Automation's 10 global, ISO-certified equipment remanufacturing facilities use the same high-quality parts, standards, and specifications as the original manufacturing process. This means you can restore your automation equipment to like-new or better condition, to enhance performance and extend product life. Depending on the service level you select and your region, all remanufactured equipment includes a 12-, 18-, or 24-month warranty.

You also get:

  • Rockwell Automation OEM-specified components
  • Installation of applicable updates/enhancements
  • Replacement of inoperative/aged components
  • Functional and load testing
  • Cleaning and cosmetic restoration
Rockwell Automation Remanufacturing Services: Delivering Quality in Every Step

Receipt and Verification

Your unit's catalogue number, series and revision data is verified against its return authorization for warranty and product configuration.

Revisions and Enhancements 

Your unit is disassembled, cleaned, and enhanced with the latest proprietary firmware and hardware updates from the orignal equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Component Verification/Replacement

Individual components and subassemblies are inspected and tested to original design parameters. Inoperative components are replaced, and proactive measures are taken to replace marginal and aged components.

Functional and Load Testing

Trained technicians certify the full functionality of your unit using proprietary OEM test equipment to confirm that all performance and output load specifications are met.

Environmental Simulation

Cases such as intermittent inoperability may require more extreme testing methods. Your unit can undergo controlled environmental applications such as high temperature, shock and vibration or humidity testing. 

Final Quality Inspection

A tracking record verifies all necessary operations have been completed. Quality Control Inspectors cosmetically clean and visually inspect the unit, and label it with the updated version. 

Secure Shipping

Accessories such as keys, batteries, and manuals are added and your unit is shipped back to you in custom-engineered, anti-static bags and containers.

OEM Quality
As the manufacturer of Allen-Bradley products, we are the only authorized service service supplier of OEM-specified components for these products.

Quality 500 Products/Day
Our 15 remanufacturing and repair facilities see approximately 500 products every day and our technicians have access to ovver %50 million in available parts inventory.