Manual loop tuning can take a lot of time while producing only limited benefit if the proper techniques aren’t applied. Frequent testing and random coefficients only make matters worse. All the while your processes are underperforming.

Our engineers apply proven best-practices for modeling the complexities of process dynamics and tuning PID controllers for optimal performance. They’re equipped with our proprietary technology that accurately models highly dynamic process behavior and limits the tests that impact your process. We’re leaders in PID control and optimization and we can help.

LOOP-PRO TUNER makes tuning complex loops simple.

  • LOOP-PRO applies an intuitive 6-step process and it tunes PID loops using either live or historical process data.
  • When choosing the online option LOOP-PRO easily identifies all PIDs on a plant’s control network. 
  • By selecting a controller LOOP-PRO automatically initiates the trending of data and prompts the start of your step, pulse, doublet or other dynamic test. 
  • With another click a model is instantaneously generated and utilities within LOOP-PRO make it easy to adjust your model as well as to model other data segments. Advance to the next step to customize the controller’s responsiveness and evaluate relevant descriptive statistics. 
  • Finally, implement updated tuning parameters directly from LOOP-PRO before documenting the tuning session in a detailed report.

PlantESP makes your  plant-wide optimization simple.

  • PlantESP capitalizes on your plant’s existing process data and proactively monitors control loop performance across your plant. 
  • PlantESP automatically identifies controllers that experience a change in performance and it ranks them based on their importance.  
  • A simple click links you to a focused set of KPIs that characterizes the degraded performance as a mechanical, interaction, or controller tuning issue.  
  • Another click provides access to PlantESP’s advanced forensic tools and allows you to isolate the associated root-cause.  
  • One more click and PlantESP both recommends a corrective action and provides step-by-step instructions for returning your plant to optimal performance.

KPIs; uncover the vast possibilities with PlantESP.

Some control loop performance monitoring solutions overwhelm users with an abundance of complex KPIs. 

Others offer metrics that are overly simplistic and offer limited value. PlantESP is different. PlantESP equips users with a purposeful and focused set of key performance indices. Each KPI contributes to a thorough assessment of controller performance challenges from mechanical and controller tuning issues to problems stemming from process interaction. Just as important, PlantESP’s metrics are clearly presented using graphics that are easy to interpret. 

PlantESP’s KPIs enable production staff to both quickly evaluate their critical control loops and confidently maintain optimal performance on a plant-wide basis. If you want a control loop monitoring solution with KPIs that provide intuitive and actionable, then learn how PlantESP makes optimization easy.

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