Allen-Bradley 802R-CWC


Allen-Bradley 802R-CWC
Known As: 
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Metal NEMA Sealed Limit Switch
Gerrie Part #: 802R-CWC
MFR Part #: 802R-CWC
$624.16 / Each
  • Actuation Type :Cat Whisker, Wire
  • Actuator :Cat Whisker
  • Manufacturer Name :Rockwell Automation
  • Operating Lever :Operating Lever Not Selected
  • Standard :KC
  • Travel to Operate Contacts (Nominal) :25°
Technical Specifications
Actuation Type
Cat Whisker, Wire
Cat Whisker
Manufacturer Name
Rockwell Automation
Operating Lever
Operating Lever Not Selected
Travel to Operate Contacts (Nominal)
NEMA Sealed Limit Switch,Metal,Full Sw Head & Body,Standard Non-Plug-In,Cat Whisker,1 Circuit,Conduit Entry,Spring Return,Push Accuation,0.5 lb in.,Snap Acting,Low Energy Contacts,Normally Closed,1 Normally Closed Contact,-18C Low Temp Limit,54C High Temp Limit,Not Direct Acting,14 Degree Angle Reset Point,25 Degree Angle Set Point,Steel,1/2" NPT Thread,Cat Whisker,5 in. Lever Length,0.072 in. Lever Diameter