Allen-Bradley 802R-BC


Allen-Bradley 802R-BC
Known As: 
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Metal NEMA Sealed Limit Switch
Gerrie Part #: 802R-BC
MFR Part #: 802R-BC
$624.16 / Each
  • Actuation Type :Top Push Rod
  • Actuator :Top Push Rod
  • Manufacturer Name :Rockwell Automation
  • Operating Lever :Operating Lever Not Selected
  • Standard :KC
  • Travel to Operate Contacts (Nominal) :1.75mm (0.069in)
Technical Specifications
Actuation Type
Top Push Rod
Top Push Rod
Manufacturer Name
Rockwell Automation
Operating Lever
Operating Lever Not Selected
Travel to Operate Contacts (Nominal)
1.75mm (0.069in)
NEMA Sealed Limit Switch,Metal,Full Sw Head & Body,Standard Non-Plug-In,Top Push Rod,1 Circuit,Conduit Entry,Spring Return,Push Accuation,3.5 lbs.,Snap Acting,Low Energy Contacts,Normally Closed,1 Normally Closed Contact,-29C Low Temp Limit,121C High Temp Limit,Not Direct Acting,0.71 mm Reset Point,1.75 mm Set Point,1/2" NPT Thread