Allen-Bradley 802M-DJ1NF


Allen-Bradley 802M-DJ1NF
Known As: 
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Factory Sealed Limit Switch
Gerrie Part #: 802M-DJ1NF
MFR Part #: 802M-DJ1NF
$565.37 / Each
  • Actuation Type :Top Push Roller
  • Actuator :Top Push Roller,Top Push Roller
  • Manufacturer Name :Rockwell Automation
  • Mode of Operation :N/A (push type contacts)
  • Operating Lever :Operating Lever Not Selected
  • Standard :Contact Rockwell Automation
Technical Specifications
Actuation Type
Top Push Roller
Top Push Roller,Top Push Roller
Manufacturer Name
Rockwell Automation
Mode of Operation
N/A (push type contacts)
Operating Lever
Operating Lever Not Selected
Contact Rockwell Automation
Factory Sealed Limit Switch,Complete Switch,Push,Top Push Roller,2 Circuits,Mini Quick Disconnect,5 Pin Mini Type (J1 Wiring),120V AC 50/60 Hz Neon to NO