Extended Hours Order Desk: M-F 5pm - 9pm After Hours Emergency: M-F after 9pm Holidays & Weekends : 1-888-870-6667

    Extended Hours Order Desk
    Monday to Friday 5:00pm - 9:00pm
    905-681-3656 or your local branch and follow the prompts for Extended Hours Order Desk.

    Note: No charge for this service, however, if applicable a delivery charge will apply.

    After Hours Emergency Service
    Monday to Friday after 9:00pm, Holidays & Weekends

    Note: A service charge will apply for the supply of product or technical support.

    When the need arises, Gerrie Electric can provide you with the products or services needed to correct a breakdown situation. We provide a toll free access number to contact a Gerrie representative who has access to all of our inventory and many manufacturers after hours services. This is just another way we are here to service your needs. 1-888-870-6667