To Get Started, please see below.

By adding slang terms our customers will help our website search, making it easier for you to find products. Slang are terms provided by the customer for specific products of what they are known by within their company. There are many different terms and ways to call one product, so this process helps customers maintain what they refer to a product within their company on It takes up to 24 hours to approve the slang terms and see them reflect live.

Step 1

Log into the website.

Step 2

Go to the product you want to add slang term(s) for.

product slang
Step 3

On the left side of the page, under the image of the product is where the slang section is.

new term
Step 4

Click "Add a Term" and enter in the term you refer to the product. Then click the button "Submit".

term entered
Step 5

From there WebTech team downloads, saves, and uploads the terms into the website every evening. Now when you search in the website that slang term, your product will appear on the first page of search results.

terms uploaded
Additional Notes

Alternatively, if there are a list of slang terms for products instead of individually uploading please feel free to email WebTech Support to upload on the back end. Please use this template for the bulk request.