Plugs & Receptacles

About Gerrie Plugs and Receptacles

Here at Gerrie, we have a vast selection of wiring device brands from which you can choose.

We’re one of the largest, independent wiring device suppliers in Canada, and we carry a huge selection of plugs and receptacles including straight devices, locking devices, shielded/shrouded devices, water-tight devices and pin and sleeve devices.

Considerations When Shopping for Plugs and Receptacles

Whether you’re building a new electrical power source system, retrofitting or servicing an existing one, our plugs and receptacles are guaranteed safe and long-lasting. If you’re looking for standard, locking, heavy-duty, high-amperage or water-tight devices, Gerrie has everything you need to safely and easily install your plugs and outlets.

When shopping for plugs and receptacles, here are 7 points to consider:

  • What amperage and voltage do you require?
  • Number of wires and poles, ports
  • NEMA configuration
  • Colour coding system
  • Mounting angle
  • Application: Do you need a locking plug and receptacle connection?
  • Environment: Do you need a shielded or water-tight connection? Will this be an indoor or outdoor connection?

We supply Canadian homeowners, business owners, manufacturers and institutions with reliable electrical solutions they can depend on. Our plugs and receptacles are made to withstand damage from collision, corrosion, dust, heat, water and other environmental conditions. The plugs and receptacles we carry are designed to make the most efficient use of your space while providing safe and secured connections.

At Gerrie, we have more than 400 team members in 24 store locations to help you with all your wiring device needs -- including choosing the right plugs and receptacles for your project. Our reputation is built on service and we’re highly respected in the industry.