Strut & Threaded Rod

About Gerrie Unistrut & Threaded Rod
Here at Gerrie, we have a vast selection of unistrut and threaded rods from which you can choose. We’re one of the largest, independent conduit and raceway product suppliers in Canada, and we carry a huge selection of unistrut and threaded rods.

Considerations When Shopping for Unistrut & Threaded Rods
Unistrut channels are standard formed structural systems designed to support wiring. They are also used for casting into concrete walls, floors, ceilings, or anywhere along a continuous slot. Threaded rods are designed to offer resistance to pull out, and slide slip in excess of the full strength of the unistrut channels with which they are used.

When shopping for unistrut and threaded rods, here are a few points to consider:

● Material and Material Thickness - is there a preference over steel, aluminium, or fiberglass for your project application? What thickness is required for your project application?
● Size Specifications - unistrut channels typically come in a standard length of 10 ft. and 20 ft. with a tolerance of ⅛ inch - do you require a special length for your application? What size unistrut do you require (i.e. inch in 5/8ths, half inch)
● Finish - unistrut channel products are available in different finishes that offer different advantages (i.e. different colours, galvanized finishes, and slotted vs. solid)
● Hole Configuration - what type of hold configuration do you require for your project application? (i.e. half slot, slotted, “slotted-wise”, punches, or knockouts)
● Concrete Inserts - what type of concrete insert is compatible with your unistrut channel?
● Load specifications - what load is your unistrut channel and concrete insert rated for?
● Threaded Rods - what size threaded rods are compatible with your channel unistrut configuration? Consider thread size, weight, and rated load

We offer unistrut and threaded rods that support and protect your wiring systems and structures.

At Gerrie, we have more than 400 team members in 24 store locations to help you with
all your conduit and raceway needs -- including choosing the right unistrut and threaded
rods for your project. Our reputation is built on service and we’re highly respected in the