About Gerrie Batteries 

Here at Gerrie, we have a vast selection of battery brands from which you can choose.

We’re one of the largest, independent battery suppliers in Canada, and we carry a huge selection of chargers, flashlights, flashlight bulbs and batteries including specialty, heavy duty, rechargeable, alkaline and exit & emergency lighting batteries.
Considerations When Shopping for Batteries

Batteries and chargers play a fundamental role in the seamless operation of power tools, home electronics and other hardware. They also provide crucial power for emergency lighting and backup systems during power outages. Flashlights, headlights and lanterns are a necessity for working in dark spaces, camping, power outages and running at night, to name a few examples. 

When shopping for batteries, flashlights and bulbs, here are 5 points to consider:

  • Size, type, voltage of battery needed. Replacement batteries must have the same specifications.
  • How long your batteries will last / what is the recommended amount of time for replacing your batteries?
  • Do you need rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries for your application?
  • With flashlights, how bright a light do you need and what size of an area do you need lit?
  • WIth portable jobsite batteries and chargers, you will need a charger that can recharge all of your devices and tools. 

We carry batteries and chargers for all types of home electronics, phones, tablets, medical devices, power tools, emergency lighting systems, exit signs and so much more. Our flashlights, lanterns and headlights are shock- and shatter-resistant and use ultra-bright, energy-efficient LED bulbs.

At Gerrie, we have more than 400 team members in 24 store locations to help you with all your power supply needs -- including choosing the right battery for your project. Our reputation is built on service and we’re highly respected in the industry.