About Gerrie Switches

Here at Gerrie, we have a vast selection of wiring device brands from which you can choose.

We’re one of the largest, independent wiring device suppliers in Canada, and we carry a huge selection of switches including dimmers, decora, toggles, fan control, manual motor switches, controller switches, industrial and specialty switches.

Considerations When Shopping for Switches

Switches control the flow of electrical power through circuits that can connect multiple devices. They’re used to control everything from lights, fans, motors, appliances and more. We supply switches in numerous styles for all your residential, commercial and industrial switching needs.

When shopping for switches, here are 11 points to consider:

  • Type of switch needed, e.g. dimmer switch, toggle switch fan control etc.
  • Amperage and voltage rating
  • NEMA configuration
  • Number of poles / number of circuits and devices you want to control with each switch
  • Environment, e.g., indoor, outdoor, industrial, commercial, etc.
  • Do you want a push button switch, rocker switch, dimmer switch, toggle switch, or a combination switch?
  • Do you want a Bluetooth, programmable, touchless or smart home switch?
  • Number of throws (e.g. on-off-on vs on-off)
  • Do you need an illuminated switch?
  • Do you need a maintained switch (stays in one same position until it’s moved), momentary switch (goes back to the default position when you let go) or a locked switch (controlled with a key)?
  • Colour, material and finish

From dimmer switches that give you precise lighting and fan control to programmable & smart home switches, we carry only the best quality, long-lasting switches and accessories by the industry’s top manufacturers. Our switches meet or exceed performance and safety standards and are available in a full selection of styles, colours, materials and finishes to give you the fashion and functionality you need.

At Gerrie, we have more than 400 team members in 24 store locations to help you with all your wiring device needs -- including choosing the right switches for your project. Our reputation is built on service and we’re highly respected in the industry.