Upgrading 5580 L7 Processor to the L8 Prcoessor

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The ControlLogix 5580 controllers have better performance and many new capabilities that make it possible to integrate with new devices such as new IO platforms that the ControlLogix 5570 family can not. The ControlLogix 5580 processors have a four-core architecture that provides faster performance and gigabit network speed for IO and motion control. The ControlLogix 5580 controllers are also designed for information software platforms. This means collecting and serving data for database storage and analytics. Security has become very important and the ControlLogix 5580 family meets the highest standards. The following is a brief description of some of the ControlLogix 5580 Controllers.

ControlLogix 5580 Standard Controller

The ControlLogix 5580 Standard Controller can perform up to 20 times greater performance and up to 45% more application capacity than legacy controllers. The embedded 1-gigabit EtherNet/IP port enables 1Gb communication to meet the demands of expanding data networks, distributed IO networks and up to 256 motion axes.

The ControlLogix 5580 controllers helps protect people, processes and intellectual property with advanced security technologies and features, such as digitally signed and encrypted firmware, change detection, and audit logging. It’s also the world’s first controller to be certified compliant with IEC 62443-4-2, today’s most robust control system security standard.

GuardLogix 5580 Safety Controller

The GuardLogix 5580 controller can achieve faster reaction times and shorter safe distances than legacy controllers. This can help you create smaller machines, save valuable floor space, and increase operator efficiencies. Optimize your safety system design: The scalable controller can achieve SIL2/PLd with a primary controller and SIL3/PLe with the addition of a safety partner. It also offers: • Standard memory options from 3 to 20 MB. • Safety memory options from 1.5 to 6 MB. • Communication options from 100 to 250 EtherNet/IP nodes. • Conformal coated options for harsh environments.

ControlLogix 5580 Process Controller

The ControlLogix 5580 process controller can save you precious engineering time and effort, so you can deploy applications faster and with less risk. The controller is preloaded with the software, tools and faceplates you need for your application, and allows you to leverage the PlantPAx® library of process objects. • Drive consistency in single projects and multi-site deployments with native process instructions embedded in the controller. • Reduce system costs by providing process control and position control in one platform. • Reduce security risks with system architectures that are certified to the IEC 62443-4-2 security standard. • Better use controller memory by leveraging content and instructions that are native on the controller rather than downloaded from a website.


The ControlLogix 5580 controllers are the next generation of controllers designed with more powerful processors, more memory, and better security then the ControlLogix 5570 controllers. The ControlLogix 5580 controllers is the flagship controller for the new modern control systems that merge OT/IT systems.


Rockwell is also offering new platforms of distributed IO for the ControlLogix 5580 which is not supported by the ControlLogix 5570 or any legacy controllers. Below are some of the new IO platforms.

Flex 5000 IO

The Flex 5000 IO supports 1 Gb communications with an embedded switch technology for Device Level Ring (DLR), Star, Linear and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) topologies. With a wide selection of IO modules ranging from standard IO to high performance digital and analog modules. Having the flexibility of mounting the modules vertically or horizontally and in groups of and 8 and 16 makes the Flex 5000 IO the right choice for many applications.

Flex 5000 Safety IO

With the new analog safety additions, FLEX 5000™ I/O offers a complete portfolio of discrete and analog fail-safe I/O modules. Ideal for discrete and Process safety applications that require temperature sensors, analog devices with HART and digital safety devices for functional safety certified in accordance with IEC 61508. The safety modules are TÜV certified up to SIL 3, PLe, Cat. 4.

FlexHA (High Availability) 5000 IO

FLEXHA 5000™ I/O is a reliable and flexible distributed I/O solution, allowing you to choose your I/O to meet your operational needs. This platform will allow for integrated safety I/O and base process control I/O to be conveniently mounted in the same rack which reduces hardware complexity and cost. All modules will be TUV certified to SIL3. FLEXHA 5000 I/O enhances communication with 1 Gb EtherNet/IP™ connectivity, offering higher speed and increased bandwidth. Ease of communication is optimized with multiple network topology options such as Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), Device Level Ring (DLR), Linear and Star. A defense in depth security strategy is achieved with module vendor certificates, firmware encryption and secure boot functionality.

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