Factory Talk Transaction Manager

GERRIE ROCKWELL AUTOMATION GROUP -  Automation and Software - December 2021

By Amanda Fletcher 

Factory Talk Transaction Manager

Use FactoryTalk Transaction Manager to help create custom transactions between your factory control system and your enterprise database. With one-way transactions allowing for custom production datalogging and two-way interactions allowing for data downloads to your control system. FactoryTalk Transaction Manager can also connect the various enterprise systems. 


  • Helps safeguard data integrity, including the ability to send notifications of failures
  • Provides the ability to restore service connection
  • Caches transactions before they reach the enterprise system
  • Supports bi-directional transactions
  • Data collection continues while adding new or modifying existing transactions
  • Connects to various enterprise systems


  • Create custom interactions between factory control systems and enterprise database
  • One-way transactions allow for custom production data logging
  • Two-way interactions allow for data downloads to the control system, such as work orders, recipes and set points
  • Preferred connectivity to FactoryTalk Integrated Architecture™

These are just a few of the great things FactoryTalk Transaction Manager brings to the table. For more information check out the link below…


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