Did You Know the E1 Plus is Going Away? 

GERRIE ROCKWELL AUTOMATION GROUP - Industrial Components - May 2020

By Joe Daley 

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Wait. What!?

Yes, it’s true. Rockwell’s tried and true IEC and NEMA overload relay solution that has been the workhorse for IEC Motor protection for the past 18 years will become obsolete starting April of 2021.

 You might ask. Well the answer is quite simple. The manufacturer of the microprocessor that is vital to the E1 Plus has been discontinued.

So now what? What do I do now?
Well, don’t panic. There is a replacement.

The new E100 Overload relay is the direct replacement for the E1 Plus. They mount to the same Rockwell 100-C series IEC Contactors and 500/300 series NEMA Contactors. They also have the same dimensions, no need to worry about panel space. Like the E1 Plus there are two versions available a basic and advanced.

The Basic model E100 like it’s E1 Plus predecessor, offers a manual reset only but what’s new it has a selectable trip class. It can be set of either Trip Class 10 or Trip Class 20. The Basic E100 offers current ranges from 0.1 to 100Amps

The Advanced model E100 is very similar to it’s E1 Plus predecessor. It offers options for both manual and automatic reset and has selectable Trip Classes from Trip Class 10 to Trip Class 30. You can also add Plug-In accessories for Remote Reset or Ground Fault Protection or Jam Protection. Communications? Stay tuned, that’s coming. The Advanced E100 offers current ranges from 0.1 to 800Amps.

More detailed information can be found on this awesome Migration Document. Check it out:

Let’s face it an Overload is an Overload is an Overload, right?

Well, I would say they are very critical in any across the line motor control application. They protect that critical asset the motor itself. When a motor burns out due to overheating. That’s a big and expensive problem. Selecting the right motor protection solution will minimize these problems and protect that investment.

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