Applications To Enhance Production Efficiency


Real-Time Production Monitoring

You can oversee and control your manufacturing operation from the shop floor or anywhere.

Visualize your entire operations in a single view or customize it by work centers or production lines.

Integrated Production Lines

Sharing information and collaborating across other departments has never been easier.

With a single & reliable data source to count on, there is no more data discrepancies as it is automatically gathering from the work centers.

Digital Data Entry

Remove inefficient paperwork that later would need to be manually added into spreadsheets.

By removing Non-Value Activities (NVAs), your operations teams can dedicated to being more productive.

Continuous Improvement Enablement

Take data-driven decisions when prioritizing continuous improvement projects in the operation's most critical stages.

This enables high-targeted projects, resulting in the highest possible ROI.

 Production Bottleneck Identification

Identify which stage of the production flow is negatively impacting your operations throughput.

This capability empowers your facility to plan new production layouts, efficiently allocate machinery investments, and drive target projects to address production bottlenecks.

Digital Work Order Requests

Allows machine operators and team leaders to instantly create maintenance and tooling work orders when needed.

Eliminate waiting times, resulting in quicker maintenance service and reduced equipment downtime.

Custom OEE Dashboards

With a user-friendly interface, you can use pre-made OEE dashboards or create custom ones to reflect the specific aspects of your operations.

Additionally, share reports with other team members and better collaborate with different departments.

Remotely Control Work Centers

Orchestrate your operations from a touch screen or create rule-based automation that will implement changes as needed.

You are always in control. Manually overriding actions are always within your reach, 24/7.

Quick SOP Access

Eliminate wasted time looking for paper-based SOPs. Your operation workers can easily consult digital SOPs to guarantee adherence to standard procedures, and new hires can also be easily trained with them.

If an SOP is modified, there is no need to worry that old versions might still be available on the production floor, as they replace old versions instantly.

Advanced Production Planning & Scheduling

As client demand fluctuates, your operations must be robust enough to accommodate these changes, which will result in avoiding empty stocks or overstocking.

Interdepartmental activities coordination is also facilitated by transparent production scheduling.

Where Do I Go Next?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share information with my team and other departments?
Our smart manufacturing solutions integrate all your manufacturing systems onto a high-availability cloud-based platform, which allows the collection and analysis of real-time production data.

The platform provides all departments with a unified view of multiple aspects of your facility. This supports production execution and monitoring, predictive maintenance, quality management, and inventory control to drive efficiency across the enterprise.

How much does it cost?
Our solutions are primarily cloud-based, and the cost can vary depending on your facility's size and specific requirements; in all cases where we deployed one of our digital solutions, the project resulted in significant ROI.
Contact us today to receive a tailored proposal for your facility outlining the pricing structure and features you can take advantage of.

How long is my data retained?
Forever. Your team can look back on any given period of time; the sooner your facility starts to collect data, the easier will be to make important data-driven decisions.

My facility operates 24/7. Is the solution available at all times?
Yes! Our digital solution is always up and running; this way, all departments can rely on fast and secure consolidated data during all working shifts.

Is the data collected from my facility safe online?
All communication to and from our data centers is encrypted, and secured using two-factor authentication technology. This way, only authorized users, with authorized devices can access the platform.

Can this solution be implemented on a single production line?
Yes. Modularity is one of the key advantages of our solution portfolio. You can deploy a digital solution for one or two work centers initially, and progressively expand it to other areas.

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