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We believe successful digital transformation strategies are measured by their impact on these business objectives:

Operational Efficiency: This is the heart of our solutions, designed to streamline processes, optimize resource utilization, and minimize downtime. By harnessing the power of real-time production monitoring, predictive maintenance, and interconnected work centers, we empower our clients to operate at peak efficiency, driving productivity and profitability.

Sustainability: Our solutions extend beyond regulatory compliance. They enable clients to reduce waste, conserve energy, and adopt eco-friendly practices, safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Future-Ready Workforce: Our data-driven solutions equip field employees with the skills and tools to adopt continuous improvement practices, allowing them to thrive in an ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

Our Digital Industry Solutions




Critical Manufacturing Challenges

Difficulty in identifying production bottlenecks impacting overall efficiency.
Solution Our digital solutions provide real-time visibility of the entire production floor in a single or combined dashboard, allowing easy detection of bottlenecks and their causes.

Unplanned downtime is negatively affecting productivity and quality of output.
Our solutions allow maintenance personnel to implement calendar-based, condition-based, and predictive work effectively. They also help management to prioritize work and resource allocation.

Root-cause of equipment failure is time consuming or not possible.
Our solutions use AI to detect anomalies in equipment health, allowing easy identification of failures before they happen.

Inability to identify and isolate problematic batches during a product recall.
Our solutions can track, trace and isolate batches of non-conforming products, in case of a recall or similar event.

Production output quality is inconsistent, and you don't know why.
With real-time equipment parameter monitoring, operations personnel can configure custom notifications if critical parameters deviate from their operational range.

Production reports are not accurate and outdated, making it difficult for management to make informed decisions.
Management's ability to identify productivity issues, and make well-informed decisions is enhanced by automatic data collection from work centers.

Human error during manual data entry causing wasted time and delayed reporting.
Solution Production data is imported directly from the machine or added directly from the operator station.

Difficulty to update, control, and maintain large numbers of documents such as ISO 9001, FMEA, IATF 16949, OHSA, and Control plans, required by certification entities.
Our solutions include a digital repository of all required documents, allowing easy access for personnel, and easy control of versions, and modifications, as needed.

Where Do I Go Next?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share information with my team and other departments?
Our smart manufacturing solutions integrate all your manufacturing systems onto a high-availability cloud-based platform, which allows the collection and analysis of real-time production data.

The platform provides all departments with a unified view of multiple aspects of your facility. This supports production execution and monitoring, predictive maintenance, quality management, and inventory control to drive efficiency across the enterprise.

How much does it cost?
Our solutions are primarily cloud-based, and the cost can vary depending on your facility's size and specific requirements; in all cases where we deployed one of our digital solutions, the project resulted in significant ROI.
Contact us today to receive a tailored proposal for your facility outlining the pricing structure and features you can take advantage of.

How long is my data retained?
Forever. Your team can look back on any given period of time; the sooner your facility starts to collect data, the easier will be to make important data-driven decisions.

My facility operates 24/7. Is the solution available at all times?
Yes! Our digital solution is always up and running; this way, all departments can rely on fast and secure consolidated data during all working shifts.

Is the data collected from my facility safe online?
All communication to and from our data centers is encrypted, and secured using two-factor authentication technology. This way, only authorized users, with authorized devices can access the platform.

Can this solution be implemented on a single production line?
Yes. Modularity is one of the key advantages of our solution portfolio. You can deploy a digital solution for one or two work centers initially, and progressively expand it to other areas.

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