Are you able to identify your automation assets and determine obsolescence risks?
Do you have an updated listing of your critical assets?
Do you have the right spares to support them or an understanding of the condition of your storeroom spares and inventory?
Scalable/Flexible Service Programs help meet operational demands and budget restraints and more!

Are you struggling with a skills gaps through workforce retirements coupled with advancements in technology?
Need help identifying and addressing the workforce skills gap challenge to remediate unscheduled downtime?
Do you need to maximize you training budget?
Find out how our service programs can reduce the impact of the skills gap and eextend the reach of your team!

Are you struggling with aging, obsolete or unsupportable, underperforming and unreliable control systems or high maintenance and MRO costs?
Do you have an asset management strategy?
Find out how our service programs can proactively help you address both the short term downtime issues and long term performance risks!

Are you able to connect your assets, people and information to improve your operational and financial performance?
Can you assess, design, implement or maintain and protect your IT/OT Infrastructure?
Are you taking a pro-active approach to cyber security?
Learn how we can help you develop, manage and drive infrastructure performance!

Minimizing Risk. Maximizing Productivity.

In today’s world there is a constant need to meet the increasing demand for improvements in operational and financial performance.

As your automation solutions partner, in addition to providing you with innovative and high performance automation solutions we are able to provide you with a host of individual and integrated service programs needed to help meet the challenges you face every day.

We take a holistic and collaborative approach to help you connect your people, processes, and new technologies to create a flexible, efficient, and responsive, operation that provides you with the visibility and insight needed to enable better and faster decision making and the improvement of your overall financial performance goals.

Our portfolio includes; Product and Application Lifecycle Support with scalable technical support and on-site field service packages to help you reduce and prevent downtime, Workforce Support and Training with a comprehensive suite of open enrollment, virtual classroom and eLearning opportunities to improve your workforce skills at any level, Asset and Plant Optimization services with a range of inventory assessment, management and availability programs to reduce cost, improve reliability and help you eliminate obsolescence risk and through our Information Infrastructure and Security service programs we help you to access, design, build and deploy a secure and reliable network infrastructure and then protect and maintain it.

We can also provide migration and modernization services to update existing equipment to take advantage of technology advancements and increased functionality that drive productivity and production improvements to help you meet your operational performance goals.

This digitization and modernization of control systems, advanced networking and modern IoT based analytics, converges plant-level and enterprise networks to achieve a fully connected enterprise that delivers intrinsic value and helps you meet your key business drivers.

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The Gerrie Electric Automation Group, formed in 1982, serves our clients better by offering Modern Automation Solutions supported by our Automation Specialists, Product Managers and Inside Technical Support Representatives.Your assigned Automation Specialist provides a dedicated technical resource for automation support from initial planning stages through to post-sales, helping to achieve a successful project launch.