FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices - "Shelby"

What if your machines could talk to you? If they could tell you when and where there's a problem? Automatically customize the information you receive based on preferences? And all of this without any programming. Traditional SCADA systems produce massive amounts of data, but then what happens to it? Data must be categorized by values, time, machine, users, reports....the list goes on. The amount of effort required to organize this data into useful reports or actionable information is intensive and time consuming. With Shelby and FactoryTalk Team One, device health and diagnostic information is at your fingertips.

How Does It Work?

FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices - "Shelby" PDF

Click here to find out what FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices can do to help you on your IIOT Journey.

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Unboxing FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices

What exactly is Shelby? What do I get when I purchase a FTAD unit? How do I get started? Watch us "Unbox" our Shelby unit!

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Device Health and Diagnostics

Learn how to get your data to work for you! FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices is the future of Industrial Automation and Diagnostics.

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Device Health and Diagnostics Webinar

Learn how to apply our analytics appliance to real-world scenarios to diagnose issues and make your engineers more productive. You’ll see how easy and intuitive the product is to use, and have a chance to interact with the Shelby bot built inside!

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