How To Check Order Status

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Login to your Gerrie web account. If you are unsure of how to do this see "Gerrie Login"

Order Status can be found in the My account section.

In the left hand navigation pane, under product segments, there is an area entitled "My Account." Under "My Account", click on "Order Status."

The order status summary screen shows a number of filtering options and the orders which match your criteria. You can sort the columns and page through the results.

Once in "Order Status" you will have many options to play with.

  • Quick Buttons

    • 30, 60, 90 days show all orders within the chosen timeframe
    • All... shows all transactions
    • Quote... shows only open quotes
    • Open... shows only open orders
    • Backorder... shows only back ordered items
    • Invoice... shows orders which have been partially or fully invoiced


Change fields below the quick buttons to customize the search criteria:

  • Start Date: the day/date you want your displayed information to start from
  • End Date: the day/date you want your displayed information to end at
  • PO Number: Enter your purchase order number to display all related orders
  • Item Number: Enter a Gerrie part number to display all related orders

Click the Search button to refresh the data.


Display notes:
Invoiced lines appear in Green
Back ordered items will be displayed in Red

The order status detail screen shows each line on your order with the item number, description, price, pack slip and ship date.


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