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Custom Part Numbers

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Log in with your account details.

With Gerrie, you can easily add your own part numbers to products. To get started, you must be logged into your account. If you have not already signed up, go to https://www.gerrie.com/RegisterLink.action first.

Find the product you want to add a part number to.

After logging in, find the product you want to add your part number to. Go to the product details page. Notice that there is a button called Add/Remove Customer Part #. This button allows you to add and remove up to 10 part numbers for this product.

Click the popup for Customer Part #

A popup menu will show after you click on the button. It shows currently mapped part numbers and a text box to add new ones. Notice that we do not currently have our own part number in the image. Simply type in the part number you wish to add, and click Add. The page will flash for a moment while the part number is registered in our system.

Remove part numbers using the same dropdown.

If you wish to remove a part number, click the checkbox beside the part number, and click remove.

Your part number displays on the details page.

Once complete, your part number now displays on the product details page. Your part number shows in most places where you see the product number.

Search for product using your part number.

You can even search by your own part numbers to quickly locate products that you need.

See your part number on paperwork.

Your part number is also displayed on the packing slip and invoice, allowing you to quickly reference your part number on our paperwork. If you have multiple part numbers, only the first part number is displayed on the paperwork.


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