Conference Room, Cove, Display, Exhibit, Hospital, Kitchen, Laboratory, Residential (5) For 12 V LED Puck Lights, Remote Lighting Fixtures (1) For Cabinet, Clove And Display (2) For Cabinets, Cove, Display, Task Or Accent Illumination In Residential And Commercial Applications (5) For Damp Locations (2) For Desk Lighting, Task Lighting (2) For Desk Lighting, Task Lighting, Workstations, Undercabinet Lighting (5) For Display And Under-Cabinet LED Lighting (4) For Plug-In Power Supply (1) For Shelving, Under Cabinets, Bookcases, Walls And Task Lighting (12) For Task And Accent Lighting In Kitchen Cabinets, Coves, Furniture, Backlighting And Many Other Applications (3) For Under Cabinets, Shelving, Bookcases, Walls And Task Lighting (1) For Under cabinet LED Light (5) For Undercabinet Lighting (1) For Undercabinet Usage (3) For Use With 12 VDC LED Puck Lights, LED Strip (1) For Use With Aluminum Fluoro Bar Undercabinet ALFT4 And ALFT5 3-Wire Fixtures (3) For Use With Multi Linked 6 WTT T4 And T5 Aluminum Fluoro Bar Undercabinet 3-Wire Fixtures As Main Power Supply (1) For Use With T4 And T5 Aluminum Fluoro Bar, 2-Wire And 3-Wire Fixtures, Xeno Bar Undercabinet Fixtures And In Hardwire Applications (1) For Used To Connect Two 12 V LED Strips With 12 IN Gap Or Around Corners (1) Lighting (1) The LED Puck Light is ideal for remote and darkened applications. This versatile light provides mounting flexibility, it can be magnetically attached to flat steel surfaces or can be hung with a swivel hook. This small form factor, light-weight LED ligh (1)

Undercabinet Lighting

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  • Gerrie Part No : 420014WH

Customer Part#:

Galaxy Lighting 420014WH Under Cabinet Strip Light More..

  • Gerrie Part No : 420028WH

Customer Part#:

Galaxy Lighting 420028WH Under Cabinet Strip Light More..

  • Gerrie Part No : 4200WH-CON-B

Customer Part#:

Galaxy Lighting 4200WH-CON-B Under Cabinet Connect More..

  • Gerrie Part No : 4200WH-CORD-6

Customer Part#:

Galaxy Lighting 4200WH-CORD-6 Lighting Cord, 6 ft More..

  • Gerrie Part No : 4200WH-CW-12

Customer Part#:

Galaxy Lighting 4200WH-CW-12 Lighting Cord, 12 in More..

  • Gerrie Part No : 4200WH-CW-24

Customer Part#:

Galaxy Lighting 4200WH-CW-24 Lighting Cord, 24 in More..

  • Gerrie Part No : 4200WH-CW-6

Customer Part#:

Galaxy Lighting 4200WH-CW-6 Lighting Cord, 6 in L, More..

  • Gerrie Part No : 4SLSTP4040DD-120V

Customer Part#:

Metalux® 4SLSTP4040DD-120V Flexible Strip Ligh More..

  • Gerrie Part No : ALFT4-24-4100

Customer Part#:

Liteline ALFT4-24-4100 2-Wire Fluorescent Strip Li More..

  • Gerrie Part No : ALFT5-21-3200-3

Customer Part#:

Liteline ALFT5-21-3200-3 3-Wire Fluorescent Strip More..

  • Gerrie Part No : ALFT5-28-3200-3

Customer Part#:

Liteline ALFT5-28-3200-3 3-Wire Fluorescent Strip More..

  • Gerrie Part No : ALFT5-28-4100-3

Customer Part#:

Liteline ALFT5-28-4100-3 3-Wire Fluorescent Strip More..