Basket Tray

About Gerrie Basket Trays and Cable Trays
Here at Gerrie, we have a vast selection of basket trays from which you can choose.

We’re one of the largest, independent conduit and raceway product suppliers in Canada, and we carry a huge selection of basket trays, cable trays, ladder trays, including galvanized and hot-dip galvanized trays.

Considerations When Shopping for Basket Trays and Cable Trays
Basket cable trays offer a cost-effective, reliable and adaptable system for organizing and protecting wires and cables while allowing for cable dropouts for servers and other machinery.

When shopping for basket trays, here are a few points to consider:

  • Durability - hot-dipped galvanized basket trays offer a thicker coating that provides more resistance to corrosion and general wear and tear
  • Finish - electro galvanized basket trays offer a clean and uniform appearance
  • Size and dimensions - Will the basket tray need to fit in a more confined space? Consider the width, depth, and length needed for your project application
  • Type - are you looking for a specific profile (i.e. Deep U-Profile)
  • Temperature range - what is the temperature range the basket tray product is rated for?
  • CSA Class loading rating - what is the maximum load a basket tray product is industry rated for?
  • Installation - how will the basket tray be mounted for installation? What tools, accessories, or parts are needed to ensure seamless installation and performance?
  • Accessories and Fittings - inside / outside bends, horizontal tees, crosses, mounting brackets
  • Adaptability - do you require a modular basket tray solution for a system that changes over time?

Our basket trays keep your wires and cables organized and safe from external damage.

At Gerrie, we have more than 400 team members in 24 store locations to help you with all your conduit and raceway needs -- including choosing the right basket trays for your project. Our reputation is built on service and we’re highly respected in the industry.